• EZVIZ H8 Pro 3K 5MP (100%)

    EZVIZ H8 Pro 3K 5MP


A wider, sharper eye for full area coverage

It’s time to upgrade your outdoor security system with the brand-new EZVIZ H8 Pro 3K camera. Boosted by on-board AI algorithm, this next-level camera is one of the smartest in its category to detect different activities, along with useful features to make communications easier. Motorized to see in all directions with stunning video quality, it makes it hard for anyone or anything to escape your attention.

3K Resolution

Active Defense with Siren and Strobe Light

360° Panoramic Coverage

AI-Powered Human / Vehicle Shape Detection


One-Click Return to Pre-Set Directions

Camera Call Initiation by Waving a Hand

Color Night Vision

Two-Way Talk

H.265 Video Technology

Weatherproof Design

Supports MicroSD Cards (Up to 512 GB) & EZVIZ CloudPlay Storage